Email from Bill 12 Feb 23

I have made a sign that is part wood (pine) and part epoxy resin. I brought a jar of EEE-ultra shine which worked well in shining up both the wood and resin. However when it got wet, it lost all its shine and was rough to touch.

I applied the wax as per the instructions on the jar

Can you recommend a product to use, either instead of EEE-ultra shine or with EEE-ultra shine.


My response 12 Feb 23
Hello Bill

EEE-Ultra Shine is not a finish but the final abrasive used. It is designed to be used prior to applying our Woodturning Friction Polishes on the lathe. It can also be used under our Traditional Wax or most other wax finishes.

It will not give a waterproof finish and neither will most other wax finishes as they can be marked reasonably easily.

Your fading will be weathering and the roughness will almost definitely be water damage and in part the amount of sanding done prior to EEE on the wood, although pine shouldn’t go rough unless not fully dried or only rough sanded up to not much more than 320-400 grit prior to EEE.

You can use Shellac over EEE if you are familiar with using that product. Otherwise use it as a cut n polish over other surface products like polyurethane, varnish, lacquers, etc. However that won’t help your epoxy so you can try the below.

If you use EEE first and get the shine you want you can buff off most of the wax with a clean soft absorbent cloth. However, the wax is so tenacious that it will still have a small portion left in the wood. This can be removed more with a wipe over with clean cloth that is damp (NOT WET) with mineral turpentine and then an immediate wipe off with another clean cloth turning regularly to present a clean piece to the surface or you will just be reapplying the wax.

The below info is on the EEE-Ultra Shine page:

  • Special note for EEE on raw timber:
  • EEE-Ultra Shine is not a finish for raw wood.
  • When EEE is used on a lathe on raw timber it produces a brilliant shine.
  • Do not be fooled into leaving the wood like this.
  • It is the timber shining from the super fine abrading. There is little to no finish on the wood.
  • Because of this the timber will dull in a short period of time from moisture in the air, steam, humidity, handling, etc.
  • This is because the timber is basically still raw. If it gets wet it will dull off instantly.

The below is for woodturners:
Please use a finish over the top preferably one of the Shellawaxes, which are 100% compatible with the EEE. You can also use our Traditional Wax or our Shithot Waxtik or any other wax over it. However because the wax in EEE is so tenacious it is possible that it may stop any other finish from adhering to the surface. So, if you intend using another finish over EEE do a test piece first to make sure it will work.

This may well avoid some tears and gnashing of teeth down the track.

Hope this has been of some help to you, Bill.

Kind regards

Neil Ellis

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