I need to know what the best thing is to polish and finish acrylic such as pens please.

Thanks Bob

My response: 7th Feb 23
Hello Robert

I have had nothing to do with acrylic but have had great reports about EEE-Ultra Shine and Aussie Oil being used over epoxy on pens, bowls, platters, etc.

Our finishes are initially designed as friction polish for use on wood and not over epoxy or other plastic finishes.

However, in the past I have used it over “crushed velvet, decora and other similar type plastic products as per the pics on the EEE page.

Best I can offer you is to try it out and see. Unfortunately I can’t give you any guarantee as to how it will work out for you.

Most plastics are sanded very finely up to 20,000 grit and above to give their bright, high gloss finish. The EEE will (should) do that for you if it’s all epoxy. not sure what will happen with acrylic. However if the epoxy is only a part of the item and the rest is wood then the Aussie Oil will give you a durable finish for the wood portion as well as polish up the epoxy.

Sorry to keep saying epoxy but that’s what I gather most turners seem to use.

Two-part epoxy, clear casting resin, etc. Acrylic’s sort of the same but different and from what I know won’t give you the same clear durable finish as the epoxy casting resign.

Hope this is of some help to you.

Regards – Neil Ellis

Reply from Bob: 8th Feb 23

Hi Neil

Thanks for that imfo. I have been calling it acrylic when in fact it is epoxy I am dealing with and yesterday used the EEE and then shellwax and had a brilliant result.
So, so far so good.
My response: 8th Feb 23

Hello Bob

That’s great news. Thanks for the feedback.

Glad I was able to help a bit.

If you decide to use Aussie Oil, I would be interested to hear how you get on with it on a similar epoxy & wood mixed item.

Cheers – Neil

PS Please make sure to let the Shellawax have 20 days to fully cross link before giving it a hard workout. Water will bead up and fall off straight away but will need to be wiped off almost immediately. It is as hard as it is going to get once it has cooled but won’t have its’ full protective powers until it has completely cross linked.

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