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My sons have recently started wood turning and have discovered your EEE Ultra Shine product.  I’m not a wood worker, so it’s hard for me to guide their wood finishing choices beyond telling them, “Wow, that looks nice!”

So, last night my oldest soon turned a wood handle (Ash) for an ice cream scoop and applied the EEE Ultra Shine. It looks beautiful, but I don’t understand if the ultra shine has made the handle “safe” for being washed in the sink with soap and water.  I’m not concerned about food grade, I just want to make sure the finish will hold up to regular use, which includes washing it.

Would you please advise if there is an additional step or product he needs to use to make his utensil handles capable of enduring my sink and the rigors of use?

Your guidance is greatly appreciated!



Hello Megan

Pleased to see that there are some young’un’s getting into woodturning as a hobby.

Thanks for asking your question.

EEE is their final bit of abrasive and is not a finish. Even though it shines wood up brilliantly, it will not however, stand up to washing or a lot of handling.

They need to use either Shellawax or Aussie Oil over the top. Those are friction polishes that are basically burned into the wood under friction in the lathe. They will both need at least 3 coats to give full protection as the first coat is basically in the wood so may be damaged with water, alcohol, heat, etc. However, giving a 2nd, 3rd and subsequent coats if needed will give a protective, foodsafe surface coating that should last for many years to come.

The Shellawax and Aussie Oil are dead easy to apply and the 3 or more applications can be done straight on top of one another. So… they can go from raw wood to piano finish in a matter of a few minutes.

The Aussie oil can also be hand buffed as can the Shellawax but much easier and better results with the Aussie Oil.

There is plenty of information on the website. Including a big help section on using friction polishes friction polish problem solver. They may never read it but it’s there if they have any problems. If you need more help I’m always here to assist.

Kind regards

Neil Ellis

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