email from George 4th Nov 2022

I accidently left the lid of my container for several month and the wax has dried up. Can I add anything to the wax to reuse it again.
thank you.



My response: 4th Nov 2022
Hi George

What product is it that has dried out?


Reply from George 4th Nov 2022
Ultra Shine Cut ‘N, Polish for turners and restorers.

Thank you.


My response: 4th Nov 2022
Hi George

The below is from EEE-Ultra Shine Information Sheet top 2 paragraphs third column and also from the bottom of the EEE-Untra Shine page on our website.

However, if the kid has been off for several months, it may be beyond repair, but give it a go anyway. You have nothing to lose but a little time.

All information Sheets can be found here >CLICK ME<

Hope the below helps you out.

To fix melted EEE: Put container in
hot water to melt contents, when
melted stir with non metal stirrer until
mix begins to cool & thicken or the
abrasive may drop out of the mix.

To soften hard EEE: Do the same as
above but, add a small amount of
mineral turpentine. (for half a jar add
around 1 tablespoon, if really dry add
around 2 tablespoons too much will
just make it runny)

DO NOT leave rag inside jar.
DO NOT remove foil from lid.
Keep lid tight on jar when not in use.

Kind regards – Neil


Reply from George 4th Nov 2022
I thought I would ask you as it seemed a shame not to try to fix it. This happened during a cold winter in Canada. I am on my way out just now to purchase a new one anyway regardless as I have a lot of work ahead of me and I love your product.
Thank you for your help.


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