Email from James 27 Sept 22

Sorry if this has been answered 100 times before.
The EEE cream does an amazing job but still needs a final finish. The Glow sais to use on raw timber only. Can I use EEE followed by Glow? is there a special procedure for this? My results are varied.

My response: 27 Sept 22

Hello James

I presume you are talking about woodturned items.

EEE was designed to be used as the final abrasive before using any of our friction polishes… Shellawax and GlowShellawax CreamAussie Oil and also our Shithot Waxtik and Traditional Wax and almost almost all other waxes on, woodturned items.

For flat work it can be used over most cured surface coatings to bring up a higher shine or to give a more satin or dry shine to the finish.

It is not recommended for use under polyurethane, lacquer, Danish Oil, water based poly, etc.

If you read the EEE Info Sheet you will see that the EEE can be used prior to all our friction polishes mentioned above.

Should make the bare wood bit for Shellawax and Glow etc to read as don’t use over another finish. In theory the wood is bare after using EEE as it is basically an abrasive and the wax is mostly all removed after application is done. Plus it is compatible with the friction polished so will allow application without any problems

As for varied result:

  • Stop lathe and apply a quick even coat of EEE to the work piece using a soft clean rag/cloth that is at least 4 layers thick or you may burn your fingers.
  • Start the lathe
  • Use the same piece of the application rag with the left over EEE on it.
  • Apply rag and move it over the work piece as though it was abrasive paper. Keep it moving over the entire piece until you can see a mirror image of the rag and your fingers in the face of the work piece.
  • Turn the rag to get a new clean piece of rag and with the clean piece remove any excess wax off the work.
    Apply enough Glow to a clean soft piece of rag/cloth (also 4 layers thick) to allow an even coat of the Glow over the entire surface.
  • Turn the lathe on and with the same piece of the application cloth work the cloth slowly back and forth over the surface of the work.
    You should see lines moving with the rag. Keep moving the rag until the lines turn into a haze traveling with the rag.
  • That haze is the wax being drawn out of the finish. once it seems to disappear, stop working the polish and give it a wipe with a clean piece of cloth to remove the final bit of wax.
    • If you’ve done it right the face of the cloth will feel hard and have a gloss on it.
    • If you have what looks like sanding marks on the work you have used too much Glow. If it’s blotchy, you haven’t used enough.

Best cloth to use is flannelette sheeting. You can buy some from spotlight for just a few dollars and will have enough to do you for a few years.

If you intend to use EEE on flat work then it’s best to use a Swansdown MOP.

Hope this is of some help to you.

Kind regards

Neil Ellis

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