Email from Alison 26th Nov 2022
Hi – which product should I buy to clean/polish antique furniture on a regular basis – the traditional wax or the polish reviver?  How often should they be used?

Thanks & regards


My response:  26th Nov 2022

Hello Alison

Polish Reviver would be the best. It will keep the furniture in tip top condition. Will remove buildups of wax, MR Sheen and other products used over the years. It can repair white heat marks, water marks and make it much harder to mark up again with heat, alcohol, water, etc. It also has the ability to remove years of built-up stain of smoke from open fires and cigarette leaving the surface looking as it was intended when first polished.

Polish Reviver works best on old French polishes furniture but will also work on many more modern finishes as well. It is not recommended for furniture that has only been waxed or oiled.

You should not need to use all the time as one use will last for ages, unless you are using wax or other cleaners/polishes over it or the surface gets a bit marked or grubby from use… spills, etc.

Using a wax (almost any wax) is harder work and the wax can be damaged by heat, etc.

Please read the Data Sheet / Info Sheet before using Polish Reviver. Never leave the bottle or the cloth sitting on the surface of the work or you may end up with a mark that you will never be able to remove. Shake the living daylights out of the reviver before every application.

Hope this is of some help and not too confusing.

Kind regards
Neil Ellis

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