Email from Jim

Can you or should you have to put a wax over Aussie Oil on items that will be handled often.   

Thanks Jim

My response

Hello Jim

Definitely not. Waxes are easily damaged with water, alcohol, heat, handling, etc.

For anything that will be used constantly apply 3 coats of Aussie Oil or more if you wish. First application is basically burned into the wood and fine for decorative work that will just be looked at not under constant handling.

However as that first application is mainly in the wood it may be slightly more susceptible to damage.

So… 2nd, 3rd and any subsequent applications will all be on the surface and when fully crosslinked (20 days) will have much the same hardness and strength as a melamine bench top. So will stand up extremely well up all sorts of problems.

  • All subsequent coats can be applied straight on top of the previous application.
  • No need to sand between applications.
  • If needed, years down the track, the item can be hand buffed back to original or better state with another application of the oil.

Hope this is of some help.

Kind regards

Neil Ellis

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