Email from: Donna 10 Jan 23
Hi there,
I have just bought an old Australian Cedar chest of drawers that needs to be revived. It has scuff marks and a few tiny flecks of white paint on the surface. Is your Polish Reviver product good for this?

My response: 10 Jan 23

Hello Donna
Can’t guarantee it but Polish Reviver is your best bet. If it doesn’t do what you want there will be nothing else on the market that will.

The white paint will most likely need to be scraped off carefully with a razorblade or you may be able to get the blade under the edge of the flecks and cut or lift them off.

Try not to damage the original surface if you can as this may not be repaired with the Reviver.

If the polish reviver doesn’t work the only other repair will be to strip off the old damaged finish and and refinish it or have it refinished.

Polish Reviver can save you the cost of a $1,000 + repolishing job.

The reviver can eradicate white marks from heat, alcohol, water, etc. It can  hide/blend-in (but not remove) light scratches scuffs so long as they are the same colour as the finish, if the table has been stained and scratches are deep and a different colour at the bottom of the scratch.

Sorry if it all sounds a bit confusing. All I can say with confidence is… if it doesn’t work there is nothing else that will work. You have nothing to lose if you try it but a big win if it works.

Hope this is of some help to you.

Kind regards – Neil Ellis

Reply from Donna: 10 Jan 23
Thank you for your reply, Neil.
I will order some now from your website. Unless there is a stockist near Mornington, Victoria?
Kind regards,

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