Email from Austin 13th Dec 2022
Hi there. Do you have a sales outlet in South Australia? Secondly, a friend gave me a bit of your wax to try on the body of a guitar I’m refurbishing. Is wax the best thing to use or is there a more suitable finish. I am just after a satin finish rather than a gloss finish.
My Response: 13th Dec 2022
Hello Austin

First off SA Distributor info:
STEPNEY: Carba-Tec (SA)  MD
 27 Magill Road
Ph:      08 8362 9111 Fax: 08 8363 0271
Web:    https://www.carbatecsa.com.au
Stocks a variety of our products – M/O

As for wax on a guitar. No wax will stand up the use a guitar gets. It will mark up and look pretty ordinary in no time at all.

Solid body guitars easiest if you just want a satin finish would probably be a wipe on water-based polyurethane.

For acoustic guitar you can’t go past our Hard Shellac, it gives a bright gloss shine that can be knocked back to a satin or even a flat finish with fine steel wool. It is as tough as nails and gives a brilliant sound quality to the instrument.

This can also be used on solid body. However, using the polyurethane on an acoustic guitar will deaden the sound quality/resonance somewhat.

Hope this is of some help to you.

Regards – Neil Ellis
Reply from Austin 13th Dec 2022
Many thanks Neil. Perhaps
I didn’t say I’m finishing an electric guitar. As it turns out, Carbatec is just down the road from me, so thanks again for the info and quick response.


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