Email from: Tom 29thDec 2022

First off… I love your products and have been using the Shella wax for several years.
I have researched all of your literature and can’t find an answer to my problem.
The problem is, my bottle of wax has lost it’s liquid and I have to scrape the wax out to use it.
How can I thin the wax in the bottle so I don’t have to throw it away and start again?
Any help you can provide this old guy?
Thanks, Tom Burch

My response: 29 Dec 2022

Hello Tom

Which product is it that has dried out? Shellawax (liquid) 250ml or 500ml bottle or is it the Shellawax Cream in a 250ml jar/tub, or something else?

Are you able to send a photo of it in the container? If so, this will be a great help me being able to help you.

Most of our products are able to be restored back to working condition.

I’m guessing you’re in USA and if so it would be even more help to know where you are and how long you have had the product.

Any info you can give will be of help and if I can get a photo I should be able to help out with the correct info.

Kind regards

Neil Ellis

Reply from Tom:  30th Dec 2022

Neil, thanks for your speedy response.

I’m in central California (Bakersfield) I use it in my garage so at times it’ll get to over 100 degrees F. It is a 250ml bottle of the (used to be) liquid polish.

I have to admit that it’s a few years old ( I only turn pens so, I don’t need much at a time). I purchased it from Penn State but couldn’t find a purchase date.

If I scrape it out of the bottle and use it, it still works beautifully, it’s just a pain not being able to squeeze it onto the rag.

Thanks so much, Tom

My response: 30th Dec 2022

He he he…. Simple fix for that will be to shake it violently – very violently.

It should go back to a liquid, if not, squeeze a little out of the bottle to give you a bit of shaking room and when it liquifies after shaking put the squeezed bit back in and shake again.

Let me know how you get on with it.

Cheers – Neil

Reply from Tom: 30th Dec 2022

Coolness, I’ll try it, thanks.

No further response received so I guess it worked.

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