WELCOME (a bit of fun)

WELCOME (a bit of fun)


Jan 15, 2021

Welcome to:
U-Beaut Polishes

Hopefully over time this blog will build to be filled with lots of very informative, interesting and helpful post, photos and videos. Not just on our U-Beaut products but finishing and associated products in general.

Before we go any further lets look at, and explain, the name U-Beaut Polishes ®:


  • Pronounced: u (as in you) and beaut as in beautiful or beauty 
  • IT’S NOT: ub-e-at or u-beat or u-but, u-boot or u-brute”
  • U-Beaut: Australian slang. Abbreviation of: “You little beauty!” “You bloody beauty” similar to “You little ripper!”
  • Meaning: superlative, amazing, wonderful, outstanding, distinctive, excellent, magnificent, marvellous,  great, exceptional,  dazzling, first-class, first-rate, superb, the best, etc, etc, etc.

OK that’s the U-Beaut bit out of the way now for the other bit:

  • The name is U-Beaut Polishes NOT: Polishers or Polishing
  • Polish or polishes are the products we make….
  • Polishers are the people who use the polishes we make.
  • Polishing is what polishers do with the polish we make for polishing wood.
  • Finally: Our polish is proudly all Australian. It is not Polish and not made in Poland.

FINAL WORD on the name:
U-Beaut Polishes
was originally called SHITHOT POLISHES because I gave some of our new friction polish, abrasive wax and woodturners wax-sticks to my adult students to take home and try out at their leisure. When they came back to classes the following week I asked what they thought and the overwhelming response was Shit-hot so Shithot Polishes was born and named. Bear in mind they were all Aussie blokes and that name is about as Aussie as any fair-dinkum Aussie could get.

However….. and yes, there’s almost always a however. After a number of tries to register the name and the same amount of knockbacks I decided to change it to U-Beaut Polishes. But all those in the know still reckon it’s Shithot

So with all that out of the way…. Welcome to U-BEAUT POLISHES Articles, Info, Help, etc. 

ubeaut (Neil)
PS: We still make the SHITHOT WAXTIK.
Pronounced by some as Shith’ot Waxteek, Sheeth’oh Waksteek, and She’dot Waxtik


Hehehe :lolabove:


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