Board Butter and Conditioner

What does the term food safe mean?
Food safe means that food can come in contact with the item finished with U-Beauts’ Board Butters or conditioner and the food will still be safe for human consumption. Many food safe sealants and finishing products are not deemed food safe until they have dried or cured. All of U-Beauts’ food safe Products are food safe right out of their containers. To maintain a food safe status, all of our products are packaged in jars and bottles which are also used by the food industry and in mant instances are induction sealed for your security.

How often do I need to treatmy boards or utensils with U-Beaut Board Butter or Board Conditioner?

  • Conditioner:
    Apply one coat of Conditioner with paper towel, leave to dry overnight, then wipe off any excess with clean kitchen paper towel.
    If the initial application has all soaked into the surface, apply a second coat the same as first. Wipe off any excess oil and leave the surface for a further day and wipe off any further oil that may come to the surface, using clean kitchen paper towel. then buff with more kitchen towel.
  • Board Butter;
    Can be added after the Conditioner. Apply an even coat over the entire surface using clean paper kitchen towel. Leave for an hour then buff it off with more kitchen towel. You can do a second coat if you desire and this will give a bit more protection and a slightly better glow to the wood.
  • Reapplication:
    You can reapply the Board Butter as often as you like but best done when the finish is in need of freshening up. At first, you may need a couple of treatments in close succession. Of course, it all depends upon the item’s usage and the climate of your environment. Remember, in the winter, home environments in cold climates can be as harsh and drying as the desert.
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What is the coverage of the various U-Beauts’ Products?

We are unable to give you predetermined coverage figures. It all depends upon the absorption qualities of the variety of wood and even then, each piece of wood absorbs differently. Also, it depends upon how much you choose to use with each application. Do know that U-Beauts’ will not turn rancid or harden and will keep for years when stored in an intelligent manner. A little truly goes a long way.
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How should I store U-Beauts’ Products and how long will they keep?
Store them safely as you would any other finishing or cleaning product; tightly sealed in a place away from direct heat sources and your products should last indefinitely.
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What are the minor color differences in different batches of Product?
Minor product color differences are to be expected due to the nature of organic ingredients. For instance, the beeswax is taken from the hives each fall and some seasons the beeswax is more golden than others. Also, the essential oils, coming from plant sources will vary in color and intensity season per season. Tiny dark particles may occasionally be present. This too is natural and is actually honeybee fur.
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What is the main oil in the U-Beauts’ Products?
After much research and many trial batches with walnut and other oils, we decided to use kosher, white mineral oil. It is very stable and non-reactive. We purchase this product from a family owned company in Seattle which supplies products and food ingredients to the baking industry. The price of this ingredient fluctuates greatly but we believe in consistent pricing of our products and absorb ingredient and supply increases as much as possible. Why not use walnut oil? Walnut oil is unstable and needs to be boiled before using for treating wood which ruins the oil’s positive health properties and turns it noxious. To be cost effective, the walnut oil used in treating wood is solvent extracted from the nuts and contains residual amounts of the solvent, typically hexane. Also, walnut oil can cause skin and respiratory reactions, ranging from mild to severe, in sensitive individuals. If used frequently, boiled walnut oil is known to cause sensitization over time even in people who did not originally have nut sensitivities.
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Can I melt U-Beauts’ Wood Cream and apply by dipping or brushing?
We have tried this method and do not recommend it. We are not pleased with the results and created the Lotion and Luster for this purpose. The best thing to do is to use the Lavender Lotion or Lemon Luster, since they are already in liquid form, then apply a coat of the Wood Cream for a heavier wax top coating.
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Do U-Beauts’ Products seal the wood and make it waterproof?
U-Beauts’ Products provide a resistance to moisture but are not sealants. If you desire, seal the wood first then apply U-Beauts’ to give a natural, final finish.
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Does that mean I am limited to using only the Wood Cream in the future?
No. All of our products are complimentary. If you first applied U-Beauts’ Wood Cream, next time you could use the Lotion or Luster. Or if you initially used the Lotion, you could use the Cream or Luster next time. Items treated with Kerf’s Wood Cream typically only need care with the Luster or Lotion. Of course kitchen items and items frequently used benefit from the heartiness of the Wood Cream.
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In woodturning, what is a good method of application when using a U-Beaut Product as a friction polish?
The above mentioned items are not Friction Polishes. If you want a FOOD SAFE high gloss friction polish for bowls use Aussie Oil, Shellawax or Shellawax Glow. They are all genuine friction polishes, all food safe and all work brilliantly to give you a durable high gloss finish on bowls.

However if you want a food safe dull to satin finish you can apply conditioner and Board Butter to turned work in one of the following manners:

  • Turn then sand your piece until it’s completed. Switch off the lathe. Apply your choice of U-Beauts’ Product. Turn the lathe back on to at least medium speed and buff with a soft, clean cloth. We find flannelette sheeting material works the best.
  • If the wood’s absorbs all the finish, apply another coat and buff again.
  • If, after a few days, your piece has dulled, give it a quick once over by hand with the Board Butter.
  • The above is only a suggested After a couple of tries, you’ll develop your own techniques and preferences.
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